Here's what Drivers are saying about The Hungry Trucker

"All of a sudden the guy comes out of his truck and puts out a feast for everybody on the load line. Beats anything I ever saw."

Rob Sedlak

Proficient Auto Transport


"I've run into The Hungry Trucker several times out here. He makes food in his truck that is better than anything my wife makes at home."

Name Withheld to Save Marriage

"Absolutely the best Corned Beef, Cabbage and potatos I've had in my life! It's beyond me how he could make that in a truck."

Robert Barwick

Barwick Auto Transport

Trucker's Comments

All comments are actual quotes by drivers who know The Hungry Trucker


The dude bakes cornbread right there in his truck while he's going down the road. It's great. Unreal!


Ken Cooper



The guy makes the best Manicotti I've ever tasted! In a frigging truck! Man, that's insane!


Micheal Smith


The Best

The Hungry Trucker should have his own brand of Pasta sauce. It's the best I've ever had, bar none!


Chris Palimeri


What's cooking in your truck?

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