The Hungry Trucker's Favorite Quick "Go Down The Road" recipes

You'll see it repeated over and over on that cooking in your truck is the healthier and more convenient way to go out here. I believe it is. However, I get it when someone asks me, "But what about the hassle and clean up?"

Look, I get it. We dont have time to be doing dishes. The idea is to be saving time, not spending it, right? That's why I've put together a small collection of my most popular 'one-dish' recipes, that can be made quite easily in the handy, 'Hot Logic Mini' portable oven. The greatest thing about it is when the food is cooked, you can eat it right out of the same dish you cooked it in. Voila' dish to wash, no big deal! No paper plates to store. And if have leftovers I just pop the plastic lid back on HLM and put it in the fridge. Reheating is easy.

So, here are three of my favorite one dish simple meals that require next to no prep at all. Just toss the ingredients in your 3 to 6 cup glass Pyrex or Anchor dish, snap on the plastic lid to steam in flavor and slide it in your Hot Logic Mini cooker. Then you just plug it in to your power source. I use a simple cupholder style inverter because with the Hot Logic Mini, that's all you need.

One Dish Recipes

I always use Minute Rice in my Hot Logic. It's more forgiving on time. When you get good with it though, you can use regular rice if you like.

Any Meat, Rice & A Veggie

In a glass casserole dish, I just pat out a ground chuck patty, a pork chop or chicken breast filet. (you can even use frozen) Add 1/3 cup of Minute Rice, (I lay out the rice evenly on the bottom), then a veggie of my choice. A good size pad of butter or three and broth to match my meat. Beef broth for beef, chicken for chicken, etc,... The Hot Logic Mini will cook raw meat recipes in about 3 hours.


A small size jar of your favorite Spaghetti sauce goes real well in the HLM. I add some meat & red peppers to mine but you can customize yours any way you like. To do my noodles, I just pop in a handful during the last 30 minutes of my cook time. I use thin Spaghetti or Angel Hair to ensure thorough doneness. It's easy!

Pot Roast or a Pork Loin

(I use my 6 cup Pyrex for this)

This is my favorite 'down the road' meal. I just pop a small Chuck Roast or Pork Loin in my HLM, add some small golden potatoes and carrots, a small amount of broth to create steam and plug her in. I like to add some garlic & seasonings, too! This one takes about 4 hours to cook but you talk about delicious. AND, you've got sandwiches for later with the leftovers.

What's cooking in your truck?

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