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TheHungryTrucker is the alter-ego of one, Emmett Delaney, from Martin, GA. As a guy who has spent most of his life traveling the country, yet being the type of fellow who prefers eating at home over restuarants, he's never considered it a great big compromise to undertake the daily activity associated with cooking for himself in the truck. His desire to place that on display here on is rooted in a sense of unity he feels with the trucking community that began for him back in 1980. While the tools have changed significantly since then, the premise is still the same. Save money, eat good and stay healthy performing a job that we all know can challenge each of those things mentioned. However, being somewhat of the tech-no challenged variety, Emmett has solicited a little help to assist him in bringing you

Melissa Johnson

Administrator/Chief Confidant



Web Design, Information Services


'Lisa' knows all the Hungry Trucker's deep dark secret sauces and recipes. For a reasonable fee, she'd probably be willing to sell him out. On a serious note, the site wouldn't be here without her because when it comes to things technological, the Hungry Trucker himself can't boil a gigabyte. As the site's Administrator, she is here to spearhead our operation. When she isn't busy being a full-time Grandma, her history with graphic design, computer experience and sales makes her irreplaceable. Oh, almost forgot, she owns

Emmett Delaney

The Hungry Trucker/Truck Chef Extraordinaire



Truck Chef, At Home Garden Helper Apprentice


Faster than a sizzling Hot Tamale, not quite as handsome as Clark Gable, this once long-haired, now bald headed King of the Truck Chefs has been trucking the roads of America since 1979. He was cooking in his truck long before it was cool or practical.

What's cooking in your truck?

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