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COVID19 / April 10, 2020

Folks, I guess I don’t have to tell you that there is an enemy in our midst. A stealthy, invisible and proficient killer! Obviously, I’m referring to the Coronavirus, or Covid19. It is wreaking havoc on our way of life here in America and around the world. As of today, it has claimed about 100,000 victims and the count rises by thousands each day.

Personally, I’m one of the lucky ones. I get to ride this thing out at home. Unfortunately, that is not the case for my fellow truck drivers who are at this very moment, hustling all over our country to bring us our essential products we need to survive this catastrophe. In doing so, just like health care workers, emergency services personnel, retail providers and others, they are risking their lives on the front lines against an enemy they cannot see.

Despite one’s opinion on how this all started, rather we were properly prepared or not, and so forth, it must now be dealt with. Transportation workers are rising to this great challenge in big ways throughout our country and I certainly hope that everyone realizes this. Many of these men and women are going without proper food because restaurants are closed. Thousands of truck stops aren’t offering essential services they require to have even a fraction of what they need in terms of food, hygiene and resources.

What can we all do to help these amazing warriors conduct this battle against this enemy that threatens us all? My first suggestion would be to stay out of their way. With limited traffic on our roads, surely now cars can stay in the right hand lane and let trucks travel through. That’s one thing! Second is, let them do their job, another words, leave them alone! Let’s not be pulling them over to do ‘routine checks’ and hassling them. And if we want to get picky, let’s post a few extra employees at truck stops so they can get what little business they have to do there, done, and on their way. Let’s stop charging them to park after they spend hundreds of dollars filling up their tanks. While we’re at it, let’s give them a little respect like they deserve. Hey, and you know what? Perhaps we could continue this after the threat of the Coronavirus is gone!  

Thank you, Drivers! Please do what you can to stay safe.

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