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Imagine a menu that reads like this! Delicious meals for less than you leave the server for a tip at the restaurant. They can be made in one dish, clean up is fast and you're on your way.


A chicken breast filet, rice and green beans $1.87
Pork Tenderloin, Beans & Cauliflower $2.67
Ground Chuck Steak, Potatoes & Cauliflower


Specialty Meals

Chicken & Dumplings $2.00
Beef Stew $3.00
Salmon, Rice Pilaf & Asparagus $4.00

These are meals I pepare in my truck all the time and their approxament cost. I figure I save about $10-$12 a meal, before my tip. (twice a day, sometimes three) All of them can be prepped in a small  baking dish, placed in my Hot Logic Mini and cook while I'm driving down the road. When I'm ready to eat I just stop and eat. I don't have to hunt a parking spot at the truck stop, I have a delicious one-dish meal I don't even have to transfer to a plate (no paper plates either). In less time than my 30 minute break I have eaten, washed my dish for the next meal and I'm on my way. Not to mention that when I total up a month's worth of savings, it equals about the same as a part-time job. Somewhere around $750 to $1000 a month(no commute, no expense, no maintanence). So I guess I'm being paid to cook for myself.

What's cooking in your truck?

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