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I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for visiting and encourage you to visit often. If you're like me, I dont have to tell you how expensive it has become to eat well out here on the road. It's not only expensive but the food at most trucks stops isn't very good, it's certainly not healthy and trying to find a place to park at regular public restaurants has become a living nightmare. However, there is a growing community of truck drivers who are taking action. We're learning that preparing our own food in the truck isn't as hard as we thought it was, it saves a ton of money and proactive drivers are getting healthier as a result.

Usually, for about the same amount you will leave your server as a tip, I can prepare a fresh, delicious meal of my choice quite easily, right here in my truck. One doesn't have to have a big condo sleeper to do it. I'm a carhauler and only have a 48" sleeper with a big headrack over the top of my tractor. Truth be told, I eat like a king out here and so can you!

My goal for is simple. Information, Interaction and Independence for truckers all over America so we can save money, eat well and be healthier.

At  you'll find valuable information, resources, recipes, encouragement and a dash of humor. We hope you'll stop in often, as there will be new material added frequently to keep our site as fresh as your meals.


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